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Potongan Model Rambut Terbaru

Natural Dye For Black or Dark Hair :: An Review

Your perfect natural hair color is actually many colors or shades of colors.

What happens when your hair begins to whiten, silver, yellow and/or go gray?

You do not even notice…not at first. Then someone giggles or ‘nicely’ points out that ‘you are getting old’ or you glance into the mirror when the light is just right.

Yikes! You try to ignore your crowning glory fading away or you rush to the store and buy hair dye or go to a hair salon.

1. Commercial hair dyes are hazardous to your health.

They all say so right on the label.

2. Your scalp absorbs all of those chemicals:

a. You get toxic!

b. You get nerve interruption and start shaking and get misdiagnosed.

3. Your dyed hair looks terrible.

All of the hair is one color.

4. The color of your dyed hair is not the color of the model’s hair, in the picture, on the hair dye box.

5. Your dyed hair looks dyed!

An acquaintance, an 84-year-old black woman, who looks 55 years old unless you look at her hair, was bitterly complaining to me about her hair.

1. Her hair was thick and looked healthy.

2. One third of her hair was a really ugly gray in big patches.

3. There was a white streak about an inch and a half wide, right on top of her head. It started at her forehead and ran to the back of her head, like the white stripe on a skunk.

Years before she had dyed her hair, even going to a beautician several times. Finally she had given up. She wore hats and scarves to hide her hair.

I suggested she pour a cup of coffee, allow it to cool, and then pour it on her hair. Get the hair really wet with the coffee and then comb the hair. Do not rinse the hair just let it dry.

She did so. When her hair was dry the white streak was a light silver color, the ugly harsh gray was muted, slightly darker and no longer ugly.

Her hair was no longer flat black; it was shiny and seemed to have more colors in it.

She stopped using hair conditioners because the oils in the coffee acted as a hair conditioner, with better results than the commercial hair conditioner she had been using.

She used the coffee on her hair daily until the colors were perfect, about 9 days. Now she does the coffee trick once a week. This takes care of the new root growth and maintains the great hair colors.

The colors do not rub off on your pillowcase!

She is ecstatic but I was not surprised.

For many years I have suggested coffee for black or dark hair for men and women, it always works!

It works for the hair on your head, your eyebrows, (guys), your beard, under arms, chest hair and for pubic hair.

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