2014 Nail Shapes

Topic - nail shapes - nails magazine, Filing 8 nail shapes (combined) august 15, 2014 | video. Nail shapes | nails beautiqued, Q : what ideal shape is suitable for my nail? a : there is no ideal nail shape; as the nail shape will largely depend on the individuals' preferences.. Manicuring 101 - the different nail shapes and how to, The square nail shape is one of the strongest nail shapes you can have because the full width of the nail remains at the free edge. however, this shape isn't usually.

Burgundy Acrylic Nail Designs

Nail trends for spring 2014 - fashion week - about.com style, All the best nail trends from spring 2014 fashion week in new york.. Nail shapes: how to shape your nails | beautylish, Do you know the ideal nail shape for your manicure? learn about five different nail shapes and how to shape your nails to get the best look for you.. Fall/ winter 2014-2015 nail polish trends | fashionisers, Fall/ winter 2014-2015 nail trend #1: natural nail length and shapes. the inclination towards natural looks has been preserved now as well and the fashion houses.

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Burgundy Acrylic Nail Designs
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2014 Nail Shapes
Spring 2014 Nail Shapes

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2014 Nail Shapes

African-American Hair – Tips To Obtain Semi-Relaxed, Healthy Curls :: An Review

While it can be difficult to manage, African-American hair is extremely versatile in terms of being able to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles. For many women, the ideal style is a semi-relaxed, loose curl that still has plenty of body and moisture and is not dried out or dulled by harsh hair products.

Here are some tips for keeping African-American hair soft, loose, manageable and healthy-looking:

1. The bottom line for soft, healthy black hair is moisture. Start by moisturizing your hair from the inside. Drink lots of water!

2. Select the right shampoo, using one that’s moisture rich and detangles while cleansing without stripping the hair of all its natural oils. Also – don’t over-shampoo which can strip hair of moisture. Wash your hair no more often than every week to week and a half. And shampoo only once, never twice.

3. Be sure that shampoo is completely rinsed out before conditioning, and be patient – leave conditioner in for several minutes to help moisturize your hair. Hop out of the shower and cover your hair with a towel or shower cap while you organize your jewelry or makeup tray or take off old nail polish, just so you are not tempted to shorten the moisturizing time.

4. Try hemp-based moisturizers on your hair, such as Malibu’s Hemp Moisturizer for Dry Skin, as a moisturizer for hair also.

5. After rinsing out the conditioner, towel dry and add natural plant oils back into your hair, such as grapeseed oil, almond oil or a very light application of virgin olive oil. Use your palms to spread one of these shine-enhancing oils evenly through your hair and then comb or brush your hair to assure the ends are also moisturized.

6. Apply a gentle straightening product such as Curlaway® Relaxing Gel, which is natural and semi-permanent. As Curlaway relaxes curl is also moisturizes with plant oils, Vitamin B-5 (panthenol) and MSM. Unlike alkaline, quick-acting relaxers, Curlaway Gel can be used on chemically straightened, permed or colored hair, which permits highlights or even a shade change.

7. All heating appliances can dry and damage hair. It’s better to use a mid-range setting and best to let hair dry naturally pulled tightly on rollers. Ironing your hair while it is damp or slightly damp can cause severe breakage and damage.

8. For sleek, romantic waves, set your hair with large rollers or use narrow rollers for sexy, bouncing ringlets.

9. For the tousled, casual look, use a medium barrel curling wand and let the curls fall where they may.

10. After using rollers under a dryer bonnet or air-drying naturally, running your fingers through your hair a few times after you are done straightening will help smooth out your hair, and achieve a natural look.

11. To keep great volume, use a flatiron only on the top layers and the front to achieve a frizz-free, smooth look, while the curlier hair underneath pumps up the volume.

12. Find a style that works with your natural hair type and growth pattern, and don’t over-relax your hair until it is bone straight, strawlike and life-less without body or curl. Show off your curls! Try to work with your hair and not against it.

13. Eat a balanced, HEALTHY diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein and your hair will grow faster and healthier, as well.

The bottom line is, to have healthy-looking, semi-relaxed hair use gentle relaxers and shampoos, lots of moisturizing, and avoid too much heat.

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